Microtubule end tracking in Drosophila Oocyte

Graeme Ball
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Microtubule end tracking in live cell fluorescent images of Drosophila oocyte involves overcoming the following challenges, which can be tackled by a series of preprocessing steps and tracking described in Parton et al (2011)

  • illumination flicker & photobleaching: suppress by normalising intensities, e.g. using Image->Adjust->Bleach Correction in Fiji/ImageJ
  • uneven illumination: Fourier bandpass filtering (e.g. Process->FFT->Bandpass Filter) preserves features within a selected size range
  • high background / poor contrast: foreground filter, e.g. Temporal Median filter
  • tracking: e.g. TrackMate in Fiji/ImageJ (segmentation using DoG detector)
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